New Product Photos at Susty Party

New product photos are up on the site! 

Check out how nice our 6” Bagasse Plate looks decked out with delicious goodies that we purchased at our neighborhood artisanal Bedford Cheese Shop! Our 7” Bagasse Plate - made from renewable biodegradable sugarcane - has a delicious spread for a Brooklyn-made baguette! The cutlery is made from a strong heat-resistant CPLA (a form of compostable corn plastic). The biodegradable fork is strong enough to pierce a delicious Brooklyn Brine Co. pickle! Our 3 Compartment Plate never looked more chic if one third of my meal is a Mast Brothers chocolate bar also produced in Brooklyn! And our hand-stamped-in-Brooklyn heart cups made from sugarcane rounds out the sweetness.

There’s more biodegradable product photos up too, for your viewing pleasure.


Em + Jess