Healthy Food for Thought

This past week we co-sponsored one of the neatest events we’ve ever done: a CD release party for “Healthy Food for Thought”, a Grammy-nominated children’s compilation, all about eating sustainably, with all proceeds benefitting the fabulous work of NY Coalition for Healthy School Food. There were even some vegan kids running around the party! (Ed note: They were almost smarter than me.)

There are some sweet artists on this CD - Moby & Russel Simmons might ring a bell for you, but my favorite might just be Tom Chapin! Tom is the coolest dude - making the most amazing environmentally-themed positive children’s music since the ’80s and still doing it. He’s now a great supporter of Sustainable Party too! So expect to see another blog post on him from us, and perhaps a really exciting collaboration. I am pumped about this - am I the only one who was deeply inspired growing up and listening to his music such the “Biodegradable Garbage” song?

So the benefit party was a huge success also in terms of their sustainability. They had people conserving the eco cocktail tumblers that we donated, and had great strict composting signage in place, and dedicated volunteers to see it through! All the people - from the caterers to the bartenders to the guests - really cared about participating in a low-impact zero-waste event.

And finally…the caterers! Let me just say- THE MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD EVER! I will also do a little post soon about their menu and these fine caterers in the NYC area - they are too good not to feature. 

<3 Sustainably,