2010 Susty Party Event Photos

Here are some photos from some of our neato events in 2010. More pics can be viewed on the ‘Book.

These events include:

+ The NYC Slideluck Launch and Fundraiser. Slideluck brings together art, community, environment and a damn good party in the best of ways, and we are proud to have an ongoing relationship with them. We co-sponsor their sustainability initiatives and provide them with our biodegradable tableware, and composting services. They have events all over the world!

+ We sponsored all the biodegradable dipping cups for a criminal amount of salsa at Nachos NY’s annual Salsa Slam. It was heavenly to say the least. And so many people could taste salsa without creating waste! Check out Emily’s progression in photos 15 - 17, which pretty much mirrored everyone’s reaction throughout the event.

+ The Feast Conference on social innovation again worked with us as their Sustainability Partner. For hundreds of entrepreneurial do-gooders, we made sure the all day conference in NYC walked the walk - composting and diverting many pounds of waste throughout the day by way of our biodegradable products and NYC compost pick-up program.

After the Feast Conference on social innovation was… The Feast Feastalso known as The Feast Dinner - hosted by FoodTechConnect. This yummy event showcased local chefs & food producers across a communal meal for hundreds, served in Susty Party’s biodegradable good products. We co-sponsored the event and the staff worked hard to implement the composting, producing a very-close-to-zero waste shindig & sparking dialogue in the local food + tech communities!

We co-sponsored biodegradable tableware & cups at a truly delicious gastronomical event: The book launch for NY Times food darlings Melissa Clark & Amanda Hesser. NYC (and NYT)’s top chefs + biodegradable Susty Party goodies made from renewable plants = pure yummy goodness! 

And don’t forget our previous posts on our Explorer’s Club fiesta and Vartali Salon event as well!