PLA Cup Photos from Cocktail Party

Here are some pics from a cocktail party and public lecture by Anne Doubilet on her life of photography, adventure traveling and documenting the wonders of biodiversity. Sustainable Party provided the biodegradable cups & cocktail party gear! It was at the Explorers Club in NYC, and it featured our near-and-dear crew: Anne of course, photographer and writer and biodiversity exploration inspirer!, SP’s own Emily Doubilet and her musical collaborators Ashlynn of Suspicious Package and Bad Brilliance, and the unstoppable SP Prez Jessica Holsey was in attendance, S. Party supporter & S. Package friendo & planter of trees Dave Moore of our fellow Brooklyn sister band Planet Rump, and blogger and political thinking hero of our time Janos Marton - just to name a few, along with many amazing scientists, explorers, researchers and awesome interesting people. After-all, it was at the Explorers Club headquarters!

Full album is on our Sustainable Party Facebook.