Slide Luck December 8th

December 8th fun night-time party alert! We are sponsoring a benefit and arts extravaganza dinner for Slideluck Potshow! Slideluck - and our boy the founder and artist Casey Kelbaugh - has been killin’ it for TEN YEARS - but especially lately! Their unbelievable, international operation creates inspirational events that aim to bring people together around food, art and local community. Ya gotta see it to believe it people - coming soon to a city near you! And they are working with Sustainable Party on their green initiatives - for example - using our products and composting services at events, like this auction and fundraiser, to create zero-waste dinners! This event will be delightful - there’s even a big article about it in BlackBook, ooh how fancy. I love when art-world and community-driven events go green. It’s the perfect combination of joyful things!