Oil Spills

Oil Spill - depressing pics + what you can do!

I knew I needed to post something about one of largest and potentially most impactful oil spills in US history that is still leaking out oil before our very eyes. We are living through a huge and tragic event in environmental history.

Pictures speak louder than words (I mean, images with small captions at least!). The best collections of images are herehere and even here. There is the best picture-based primer on the events leading up to today here.


So, what can WE DO??! My good friends at Worldchanging are always very action- and solution-oriented, so let me plaigarize from them and add a few of my own suggestions here:


1. Volunteer for the Cleanup Effort - The National Wildlife Federation is helping coordinate the on-the-ground volunteer effort, including NWF’s Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams, which are being set up to monitor the coastline for wildlife in distress.


- Sign the Crude Awakening petition and join their campaign, alongside our favorite climate ally group 350.org

- Write to your senators through NWF

- Join the Facebook Group

- Help spread messages online

3. Text “WILDLIFE” to 20222 to Donate $10 - You can help wildlife threatened by the oil spill by donating via your mobile phone. Your donation will help support National Wildlife Federation’s on-the-ground volunteer and restoration efforts.

4. HAVE HOPE. Only with continued efforts to create a renewable & sustainable energy plan & economy can we move forward. Keep your ideals intact, shop and invest with your conscience, demand man-made energy plans from our gov to get us out of this man-made crisis, learn about the environment, enjoy it, and be open to the changing mindsets, systems and routines that will create a sustainable world.

emily @ sustainableparty . com