I’m STOKED that Stoked exists. Ok, that is cheesy.

But here are some pictures from the Stoked Awards, 2009. As a non-profit that provides mentoring through action sports, they also have mad style - their awards fundraiser had lots of EXTREME SPORTS stars AND they used Sustainable Party’s cups and plates, as well as that beta AFTER PARTY COMPOST PICK-UP SERVICE we alluded to in the last post!

More pictures are here from the awards event.

And we are so happy that Steve Larosiliere, the founder of Stoked Mentoring, had this to say: “As an organization that aims to teach life skills and lessons to young people through action sports, it is important for Stoked to demonstrate environmental responsibility through our actions.  The resources and products that Sustainable Party offers are a great way to help us be eco-conscious and to model responsible living for the next generation.”