Green Spaces NYC

Pics from the launch of Green Spaces NYC!

I wanted to show some love to Green Spaces. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a like-minded community, as well as a working space, or if you need a conference space for meetings, check out our brothers and sisters - Marissa and her team - over here in Soho! Green Spaces does excellent work and is a wonderful user of Sustainable Party biodegradable tableware products. They are also avid COMPOSTERS! If you go to Green Spaces - you know that the tableware will end up in the right place (IF they use disposable stuff at all - they of course will pick reusables when possible.)

Their launch party was a little while back, but I wanted to post these pics and send some love over to Green Spaces! We were proud that they chose to use our materials, and… our AFTER PARTY COMPOSTING PICK UP SERVICE! This is a beta service right now, but soon we will have it available to any party in NYC. But if you want to use it - just email me, Emily @ SustainableParty DOT com.