Sustainable Business Network of NYC

We sponsored the Sustainable Business Network of NYC holiday gathering!

As expected, it was a HOT BED of creative, energized New York City entrepreneurs that are changing the way “business does business” and the way that business does green!

There was a hilarious new LIVE VARIETY called “The Village Green” that featured entertainment from gorgeous and inspiring live music acts to satirical informercial skits making fun of greenwashing.

The menu was completely sustainably courtesy of the eco-awesome caterers at Great Performances! Cynthia from Great Performances actually carried out the compost bag at the end of the night on HER OWN! YOU GO GIRL! Plus, our Sustainable Party compostable tableware and signage seemed to really help engage guests in joining the effort for a zero-waste party.

I think anyone involved in owning and operating a business in NYC should link up with SBNYC - the supportive community will help you in many ways, as it has done for us!