Susty Party at The Feast

Photos of Sustainable Party at The Feast!

All the utensils, plates and cups the conference used (as well as the food) was biodegradable and compostable thanks to Sustainable Party. So instead of creating more garbage, Sustainable Party set up collection bins which were taken to a composting facility after The Feast was over to be turned back into rich dark earth ready for growing again.

Highlights include of our involvement at the Feast include:

* Smelling the corn-based cutlery with the catering staff and educating them about the natural products and how to compost at events! They were all so HELPFUL - we send a big thank you SO MUCH to the catering staff there & wonderful manager Francisco!

* Listening to the speakers and enjoying the absolutely inspiring conference, and meeting wonderful people including speaker and artist Kenna who posed with SP Founder Emily while drinking from his Sustainable Party cup!

* SP Prez Jessica posing with the LARGE amount of compost that the conference generated next to the relatively small amount of trash/recycling that was generated, and even getting Jeff, the catering waste manager, to be excited about it!