The Air That Cools Your Home, Heats Up The World


I came across this striking example of advertecture via szymon.

The outdoor clothier outfit Columbia teamed up with Prolam Y&R to decorate the façade of a newly refurbished building in Santiago, Chile, with the image above. The large-scale billboard depicting refugees fleeing from a flood in Asia, with dozens of air conditioners peeping out from the building, was produced to raise awareness of global warming. 

The line: “El aire que enfría tu hogar, calienta el mundo” [The Air That Cools Your Home, Heats Up The World], was used to help convey that climate change is also due to an excess of carbon dioxide in the air.

I’ve seen a lot of controversy on-line over this ad, related to possible greenwashing on behalf of Columbia; pointing out that they air condition the hell out of their own HQ’s in Portland; and the fact that this type of advertecture would be considered intrusive + illegal in North America [it’s covering the windows of all of those tenants’ apartments, after all.]

In any case, it caught my attention and it has certainly created a buzz, so I thought I’d share.

[It’s definitely worth checking out the larger version of the image here].