Common good banks & Democratic Economics

Common good banks, democratic economics for a sustainable world

(via blakewhitman)

Socially and environmentally responsible finance is desperately needed. There are a few good institutions out there already:

New Resource Bank (my personal bank! woot woot! shout out to jennie - she’s the best account manager ever! you’ll thank your conscience if you switch your account to this bank, even if you live out of san fran (where the bank is based))

ShoreBank Pacific (the bank for this business)

and Rudolf Steiner Foundation is a great lending institution.

Also, why not invest or hold some of your cash in Micro-lend to awesome start-ups in the third world and the rate is high to get your investment paid back. Kiva gift certificates are my annual holiday gifts (soon to be complimented by home-canned pickled asparagus and beets too… coming soon to a family holiday party near you.)

Unfortunately, all these babies are west coast based. We need some east coast repsonsible cash management options.