Susty <3 Sir Kensington

Chips, fries and cheeseburgers beware: prepare to be smothered in sauce and indulged!  We loved having Sir Kensington’s at the Brooklyn Summer Showcase to serve up their all natural ketchup, mustard, and chipotle mayo alongside veggie sticks & pretzel crackers.  Forget everything you know about your average ketchup - Sir Kensington’s has 50% less sugar and 30% less sodium than the traditional red stuff.  Shout out to their chipotle mayo, which is not only so delicious it can be eaten straight out of the jar, but also has 33% less saturated fat than average mayo, and is made with cage free eggs #happychicks!  Thanks again to Sir Kensington’s for providing the perfect condiments for our Summer Showcase and hopefully for your Summertime finale BBQs in your life.