DIY Susty Tiki Bar

We threw an epic #sustystyle tiki pool party in California last week and now we're giving you a behind the scenes look at how it all came together. This amazing bar was one of the main attractions at the party.

We were so lucky to have Fair Vodka and Owney's Rum sponsor the bar.

A printed Drink Menu is a great addition to any party bar and helps your guests know exactly what is in their drinks. With the help of Runa Tea, we mixed up three yummy and tropical cocktails:

Ecuadorian Cooler: Owney's Rum, RUNA Hibiscus Berry Guayusa Tea, lime, simple syrup

Mint Guayusa Tea Collins: FAIR Vodka, RUNA Mint Guayusa Tea, lemon, soda water

The Poolsider: FAIR Vodka, coconut water, cucumber

Be sure to have non-alcoholic options for your guests! Those Waiakea water bottles were necessary post-hot tub and Tumeric Alive did wonders to prevent headaches the next morning.

Don't forget to accessorize your bar with Susty straws, a tiki skirt border, fruit accents, and palm leaves!