DIY Susty Straw Leis

Team Susty is in California this week for Natural Products Expo West, a huge convention of yoga-loving, granola-eating, natural product-creating gurus like ourselves!

We're throwing a Tiki Pool Party (#sustytiki) on Saturday night and these leis will add some #sustystyle to our tropical party dresses from Sugar Hill Boutique. 


3 Susty straws per lei

Colored construction paper


Hole punch

Flower paper punch (we like this one!)

Needle (optional)

To assemble the leis:

1. Cut each straw into one-inch segments. You'll need about 16 for each lei.

2. Use the flower punch to cut out flowers. Again, you'll need about 16 for each lei.

3. Punch a hole in the center of each flower.

4. Alternate stringing straw segments and flowers onto the string. Use a needle if you need help getting the string through the straw.

5. Once you've reached your desired length, tie the ends of the string together and you're ready to hula #sustystyle!