Celebrating Spring with Sweet Loren's

Last week we celebrated Madewell's new spring collection at their SoHo store. Shoppers munched on all-natural cookies by Sweet Loren's and sipped cold pressed juice by Tumeric Alive out of our Susty Party cups and straws! There was even a raffle for free SoulCycle rides. We left the event feeling healthy and ready for spring!

Sweet Loren's treats are all-natural and made with 100% whole grains and natural sweeteners. They do not contain dairy products or preservatives. Loren makes amazing brownie and cookie doughs that you keep in your freezer. When you're craving a treat, just pop one (or a few) in the oven, and voila! We can't think of a better way to satisfy a sweet tooth and stay fit for bikini season.

Sweet Loren's is based in New York City and is always down to sponsor our Susty Parties. Thank you so much to Loren and her awesome team for providing cookie & brownie crumbles to top our sundaes at our Carnival of Love Party! Cheers to many more events together!