Runa + Susty = Team Runusty

Major shoutout to Runa. They are always ready and willing to sponsor our parties - from our first Whole Foods launch party back in 2012, to our Carnival of Love last week. Our office fridge is stocked full of Runa Tea and we drink it like water. Their flavors are amazing and guayusa is a fabulous clean energy alternative to coffee.

Runa is owned by two guys. We are are owned by two gals. You could say Runa is our "brother company." We are both based in Brooklyn, we are both B Corporations and members of Youth Trade. We both make products that are good for the planet and good for the people who make them. We often share a booth at trade shows and next week, we are even renting a house together at Expo West in California! #sustytiki

Thank you again for sponsoring our Carnival! We love you guys!