Susty Party's New Products

We're so proud to debut our 2014 product line!
Our new Susty Party tableware sets are a simple and fun way to make your whole party a Susty Party! Compostable, renewable, non-toxic, made in North America, and supporting jobs for the blind - tableware doesn’t get better than that.

Now available online & coming to stores near you throughout the year!
Our printed wooden cutlery is made in British Columbia, out of sustainably harvested (via FRPA) birch and aspen wood. The knife is super sharp and can even cut through steak!
10 oz and 16 oz Cups

Our party cups are now available in 16 oz, as well as 10 oz! Made out of SFI-certified sustainably harvested paper and a plant-based lining, they biodegrade in commercial composting facilities. They are made in partnership with the Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out a video of our visit to the factory! We created 12 jobs for the blind and visually impaired, and by the end of this year's launch, we will have created 26.

18 oz Cup

We've created an 18 oz bioplastic Susty party cup to rival those Solo party cups. The Susty cup is made from renewable plant materials, sustainably harvested via Working Landscapes, and biodegrades in an industrial compost. Take that, Solo! 


Cocktail Napkins 

Our paper cocktail napkins are made in the USA of out 100% recycled, 20% post consumer waste content (PCW), and are process chlorine free and FDA food-contact approved.



We are stoked to have created the world's first bioplastic tablecloth! It's much sturdier than your typical plastic tablecloth, and yet it breaks down in a commercial compost and is made by the blind and visually impaired at Envision Industries, a non-profit in Wichita, Kansas.


New Straw Packaging

We updated the packaging on our Pinterest-famous striped straws! Made in the USA out of SFI-certified sustainably harvested paper, Susty Straws are non-toxic, elemental chlorine free and FDA food-contact approved.