Susty Straw V-Day Necklaces

We've been busy making Susty straw V-Day necklaces here at Susty Party HQ this week. If you're in the Hartford, Connecticut area, be sure to come to your Susty straw necklace workshop at the Bishops Corner Whole Foods Market on February 8th from 12-2pm! Click here to shop our Susty Love Valentine's Day collection.


Susty straws

Red mesh Susty cups



Hole punch

Jump rings (optional)


How to make your own necklace:

1. Snip Susty straws into inch-long segments. No need to measure, just aim for about an inch. We used about 3 straws per necklace. 

2. Detach the base of the cup from the body of the cup. Cut out hearts from the body of the cup. We made ours about one inch wide. You can print out a stencil if you need one.

3. Punch a small hole in each heart & attach a jump ring. You can also put the heart directly on the string, but the jump ring helps the heart lay flat.

4. String about 10 straw segments onto the string, then the heart, and then about 10 more straw segments. We alternated pink-red-pink-red, but feel free to mix up your color combos.

5. Tie the ends of the string together & you're all set to rock your Susty straw V-Day necklace! Make one for a friend to spread the #sustylove.