DIY // Susty Straw Holiday Wreath

Guest Post by Ryan Harrison, Associate Store Team Leader at Whole Foods Market Greensboro

The first time I made this wreath it was a Christmas gift for a friend and it instantly became a conversation starter! From afar, you think it is a beautiful, unique wreath, but it isn’t until you get closer that you realize how amazing it is because it is made out of paper straws. It's sure to turn heads throughout the Holiday season, and no one will ever suspect just how easy it is!

P.S. Remember when we made wreaths like this at Whole Foods Market University Heights?

  • 4 packages (50 each) of Susty Party Compostable Paper Straws
  • Bookboard/Cardboard Wreath Form (this one is 9.25” in diameter) 
  • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Satin or Fabric ribbon of choice
  • Scissors

Give yourself about 3 hours from start to finish


1. This wreath needs four different lengths of straws. One package is kept at 8 inches, one package is cut at two inches to make the 2 inch & 6 inch lengths, and one package of straws are cut in half for the 4 inch lengths. The fourth package of straws are used for the remaining 2 inch straws you need. You will not use the entire package so you can wait until the end to cut exactly what you need. (Side note, the straws you don’t use look great in a glass jar and could be perfect for that Holiday party!)

2. Assembling the wreath is the most time consuming part of the entire project. Start by alternating the 8 & 6 inch lengths as your base layer. Make sure your glue is not longer than the wreath form is wide.

3. While adding straws, make sure to account for the circular shape of the form by condensing the straws at the base as needed to follow the form. Also, look at the ends of the straws to make sure they are spaced out evenly around the wreath. In no time, you will have the base layer completed, which is the perfect time for a break! Maybe enjoy some hot cocoa with a spare Susty straw!

4. Use the 4 inch straws as the second layer. Utilize the spaces in between the straws on your base layer for these straws. Be careful not to use too much glue to prevent excess. You may have to cut a few straws to help them fit as you go around the form to maintain consistency.

5. Apply the third and final layer of 2 inch straws just as you did with the second layer, using the spaces between the straws to place the shortest ones. You will need to open the fourth package of straws to complete this layer. Each straw can be cut into four small straws, so you won’t use the entire fourth package. Only cut what you need to complete the wreath so you can use the rest of the straws for sipping in style.

6. Now add a ribbon to hang your wreath. Get creative with the kind of ribbon you choose and make sure that it complements the straws you use. I chose a green ribbon. Turn your wreath over and glue the ribbon to opposite sides of the wreath form.