Susty Party Starters // November Playlist from Planet Rump

Guess WHAT?! It's time for another edition of Susty Party Starters with your trusty deejays, Planet Rump. This month, we'll get you warmed up with some sultry disco and nostalgic house before ramping it up to that boombastic bass music. Get ready to twerk up an appetite for Turkey Day!

Miami Horror - Real Slow (Plastic Plates Remix)
Miami Horror is a really awesome indie/dance band from Australia, and everything they do turns dancefloors to gold. This is a funky disco house remix of a lovely tune off their forthcoming album.  

Cut Copy - We Are Explorers
We're still jamming to Cut Copy's new album this month. This one is like a dream: sentimental synths and vocals layered over a funky bass line with disco drums.

How To Dress Well - & It Was You (Chuck Wild Bootleg Remix)
This track's got a groove that's still smoldering. The juicy bassline makes you wanna find someone to grind with and never stop.

The Magician - When The Night Is Over feat. Newtimers (Arches Remix)
This house banger definitely has the magic formula: catchy vocals and a nostalgic synth line (where my 90s club heads at?). You'll be doing the crossover-kick move in no time.

Bizzarre Inc (Feat. Angie Brown) - I'm Gonna Get You (Marcus McBride Remix)
We know the last track got your mouth watering for some 90s throwback realness, so YA WELCOME! The only thing better than dusting off your Jock Jams CD is this classy update.

Breach Feat. Andreya Triana - Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)
We just can't get enough of this UK garage sound. Soulful diva vocals + 90s samples + super proper production = all your wishes granted.

Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (DÜME Remix)
We are obviously obsessed with Disclosure, but we can't not share this dope Baltimore club remix by DÜME. We live for the sub-bass drops and hype drum breaks!

Adina Howard X Shooter McNappin - Freak Like Boom Clap (RI5E Mash)
This is a totally turnt up twerk remix of the legendary G-funk jam. More crazy 808 bass dropping straight on your chest. Boom!

Teeburr - Do It For The Vine
Now that your hips are sufficiently warmed up, here's another burner to really let that booty whop all the way to the floor. Shout out to Brooklyn-based label Gold Whistle for releasing this dopeness!

Electric Bodega - Body Mova Feat. Dr. Blum
No reason to stop windin' those hips yet! Dancehall vocals over another dope twerk beat will get your glutes shaking faster than you ever thought possible. Let 'er rip!
Thanks to Planet Rump for having mad music skills!