Starry Eyed »

It's about that time where everyone starts thinking holiday style. (Ah!) But it's all good, you guys. Just get some Susty goodness and make cleanup a breeze. These elegant gray and white designs are perf for your next friendsgiving or thanksgiving or pizzagiving. So get your order in now and get ready to party it up!  Shop the gray star collection HERE. »

Target Party Time Shoppin' »

Did you know that you can shop for Susty Party goodness at Target? (Double check online if it's being sold at the one by you.) It makes sustainable partying so much easier! I like to stock up on all different color combos so that when the the spontaneous party happens, I'm ready. Honestly, I'm so crazy about the black pattern and the red gingham. They both would work great for Halloween style partying or fall-time picnic-ing. Shop the collection at your local Target! Or online! Or on our site, as always! »

Red Sauce City »

It's time for cold weather pasta that will satisfy your craving for comfort food without too many calories.  This simple but hearty sauce is packed with fiber and protein rich red lentils, ever lovely eggplant, tomato #redsaucecity, and big bunches of kale or spinach.  Upgrade that jar of plain red sauce we know you have sitting unopened on the shelf to an easy one-pot vegan meal!  For extra #goddessvibe points, the In My Bowl chef Alexandra Dawson suggests topping the final feast with 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts - good for the brain - and look how nice our Susty fork looks with some brown rice or whole wheat pasta!... »

Donut Bother Skipping Breakfast »

In leu of a cake at your next bash, serve up donuts! Lots of sprinkles, lots of pink and yellow, and lots of Susty style. It could even be a brunch birthday! Because you see... donuts are the new cake. Shop the yellow collection HERE. »

Harvest Party »

Fall has so much to offer. Cooler temperatures, crinkly leaves, fall produce, and apple cider everything.  Trick-or-treating may not be for everyone, but enjoying falls favorite treats is a great way for all to celebrate fall! 1. A festive  table spread  is crucial to any harvest party!   |  2. Include a  donut game  that is fun for all ages.  |  3.  It wouldn’t be a harvest party without spiced  caramel popcorn.   |  4. Wash it all down with  apple pie cider  using a Susty  straw. »

Halloween Bar Cart! »

Halloween doesn't have to be just about kids, candy and crazy costumes (though we always support dressing up!) Put together a bar cart (or boo cart...) with our Black Collection to add festive yet classy Susty style to an adult spook fest.  We love the combo of candles, cupcakes and Susty cups for #sustysippin. Of course every cocktail needs a napkin. This beautiful bart cart was created by our fellow Brooklyn Susty partier Monica Stolbach of A Bart Cart in Brooklyn »

Lean Green Party Machine »

Did you know that you can find all this awesome green party goodness at Target? (And there's more color options where this one came from!) You can get all ready for a party with one quick Target trip. And if you don't live by one, ordering it online is NBD too. Find the green collection HERE. We'd love to see what you've picked up from Target! Send us photos! Or upload them on our Facebook page!   »

Susty <3 Wink Frozen Dessert! »

We loved having Wink Frozen Desserts at our Brooklyn Summer Showcase and can't wait to introduce you to them!  The fellas at Wink are fighting any tummy that turns on ice cream by providing a frozen vegan treat made from monk fruit, peas, and stevia.  Wink Frozen Desserts epitomize delicious and nutritious!  For those of us that experience the "Pringle effect" when diving into some ice cream ("once you pop you can't stop") you can indulge knowing a whole pint of Wink is only 100 calories ;) »

Susty <3 Steve's Ice Cream! »

A big thank you to our Brooklyn based buds at Steve's Ice Cream for treating us to an array of their amazing small-batch ice cream at the Brooklyn Summer Showcase. Their tradition of making artisan ice creams started in1973 and they have clearly perfected the art! We were particularly impressed with their death-by-chocolate-esque flavor "Bklyn Blackout," which is a mouth watering mess of milk chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding mixed in. From Southern, to Signature, to Dairy-Free, their collections of ice cream are a masterful mix you'll want to scoop up! »

Sweet Black Olive Curry <3 »

We are ready to cozy up on a couch with a bowl if this #sweetsusty black olive curry! This delicious bowl is made with immune boosting turmeric and ginger, nutrient packed sweet potatoes (think vitamins A, C, calcium, and potassium), and fiber and protein rich red lentils.  This is Fall feasting at is finest - brought to you by our #goddessvibes girl of In My Bowl.  Don't forget your Susty fork to take in every last bite :) Sweet Black Olive Curry [makes 10 servings] 2 cans (14 oz each) light coconut milk 1 large can (28 oz) diced tomatoes 1 tablespoon ground... »