Runa + Susty = Team Runusty »

Major shoutout to Runa. They are always ready and willing to sponsor our parties - from our first Whole Foods launch party back in 2012, to our Carnival of Love last week. Our office fridge is stocked full of Runa Tea and we drink it like water. Their flavors are amazing and guayusa is a fabulous clean energy alternative to coffee. Runa is owned by two guys. We are are owned by two gals. You could say Runa is our "brother company." We are both based in Brooklyn, we are both B Corporations and members of Youth Trade. We both make... »

Raaka Chocolate, Handmade in Brooklyn »

Raaka is our go-to chocolatier. Their chocolate is certified organic, certified fair trade, soy free, nut free, and vegan, and they make every bar by hand in Brooklyn. Raaka's creators, Ryan and Nate are our good friends and they are Youth Trade entrepreneurs like we are! Their cocoa is grown on family farms in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia and supports the local economies. Thank you so much to Raaka for providing their amazing virgin chocolate to top our ice cream sundaes at our Carnival of Love Launch Party last week! »

St. Patrick's Day Collection »

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! Stock up now on our green 10" plates, 7" plates, bowls, striped party cups, straws, and cocktail napkins (coming soon). Check out our St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board for our favorite party tips, tricks, and recipes! »

Phin & Phebes Fans Forever »

Phin & Phebes is an amazing ice cream company conveniently located in our same building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But we were buddies even before we were neighbors - they sponsored our Whole Foods Launch Party back in 2012. Phin & Phebes has been mixing up gourmet flavors in their kitchen since 2010.  They believe ice cream "should be fun for adults and kids, unpretentious, delicious (of course) and surprising in the best way possible." We couldn't agree more. They are out to change the way you think about ice cream. Their ice cream is stabilizer- and syrup-free and they use only... »

Greenpointer's Valentine's Market »

We had a great time at the Greenpointer's Annual Valentine's Market. It was a packed afternoon of food and drinks, arts and crafts, shopping, photo booth fun, nail art, couples massage, a terrarium class, and more! We donated our Red Mesh Susty Party cups to the event, and they were a big hit! See you at the next Greenpointer's Market and check out our #sustystyle tips for greening your parties on! »

We <3 McClure's Pickles »

Pickling is all the rage in Brooklyn these days, but McClure's Pickles are more than just a fad. Owned by two brothers, McClure's is a family company that uses their grandmother's recipe to make pickles that are crunchy and full of flavor. We love the Garlic & Dill when we're feeling classic, but at our Carnival of Love Party, we kicked it up a notch with the Spicy ones - and boy, were they HOT.  McClure's also sells a mean Bloody Mary mix and you can bet we'll be serving up their recipe in our Susty Party cups at our... »

EVENT // Carnival of Love Launch Party »

        We had an amazing time at last night's Carnival of Love Party celebrating the launch of our new 2014 products! The event took place in the Tap Room of the Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market, so our Susty Party cups were overflowing with great local beers all night long. Major kudos to Whole Foods Market for hosting us, to our fabulous sponsors for providing food & drinks, and to everyone who attended the event and made it a great success.  Click to watch our recap video! Yummy snacks included: McClure's Pickles, Phin & Phebes Ice Cream sundaes with toppings by Raaka... »

Recap // New Product Launch Countdown »

We made a video to announce the special day. We formed a Susty Party band and turned the new products into musical instruments! And now, our 2014 line is available for purchase here! Take 30% off the new line today only. »

Susty Party's New Products »

We're so proud to debut our 2014 product line! Our new Susty Party tableware sets are a simple and fun way to make your whole party a Susty Party! Compostable, renewable, non-toxic, made in North America, and supporting jobs for the blind - tableware doesn’t get better than that. Now available online & coming to stores near you throughout the year! Cutlery   Our printed wooden cutlery is made in British Columbia, out of sustainably harvested (via FRPA) birch and aspen wood. The knife is super sharp and can even cut through steak! 10 oz and 16 oz Cups   Our party cups are now... »

One more day until our new products launch! »

Only one more day until the 2014 line of Susty Party products becomes available at!  NYC fans, you're invited to our Carnival of Love Launch Party on Tuesday, February 18 from 6-8pm in the Tap Room of the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. We'd love to see you there! #sustycarnival »