Heart Day is Coming! »

Are you party ready for the prettiest holiday of all time?! Don't worry. We've got some pink and red love for you. Shop the collection HERE. We've even got plenty of goodness up on our Pinterest page to inspire you. »

Big Game Big Plates »

Hope you have your BIG Susty plates for the BIG game!  We also hope you have plenty of snacks and party prep. IF not, we've got you covered on Pinterest. Check it out here. »

Susty's Whole Foods VDay Collection »

Susty is excited to help spread the love with our new Valentine’s Collection! Our pink, made in America, compostable party tableware can be found on sustyparty.com or at Whole Foods. Our new pink straws with heart toppers will be found exclusively at Whole Foods Markets across the North East and North Atlantic! We love pairing our new pink paper straw heart toppers with our pink paper cups and our pink dessert plates and bowls! The combo is perfect for serving up warm chocolately morning waffles or some after dinner ice cream! The Valentine's Day collection is available at select Whole Foods, including all the New York City stores, until right... »

Our VDay Inspiration Is: RuPaul »

RuPaul is our VDay inspiration because of how she preaches TRUTH! Her sassy, self-lovin' & compassionate attitude leads the way for our Susty Vday Collection & inspiration board. So unleash your inner glam goddess this VDay whether you're celebrating solo, with your gals, or your romantic partner. But if all else fails: »

Superbowl Biz »

Are you ready to make a bunch of nachos and chili cheese everything for your Superbowl party?! We've got you covered when it comes to serving it up. Shop the green collection HERE. Need more ideas? Check our our inspiration board for Super Bowl Susty partying! »

Merry Green January »

The holiday season is winding down but the Susty Party Green Party Pack featuring and Green Collection is here to bring green January cheer!  Just add this simple Shaved Cauliflower and Red Cabbage Salad salad and you've got a beautiful and delicious dish to present.  This vegan salad is rich in glucosinolates, phytochemicals known to assist in regulating our body’s detoxification enzymes and protect against cancer - good for that new year resolution detox ;) A refreshingly light meal or accompanying side, you can serve the shaved salad topped with a few extra squeezes of fresh lemon juice and thick slices of avocado.  This pile of green... »

What are your resolutions? »

Using our blue banner striped dreamy cups we put resolutions on them to remember as we sip out of them on the daily. Here are a few of our favorites. What are you trying to work on this year?  »

Happy New Year!! »

Are you ready for the new year?! We've got a few party looks to inspire! Check them out! Shop black and white! Shop yellow and green! Shop pink and black! Shop blue and grey! Shop party cups! »