Susty <3 Peeled Snacks! »

We've got to tell you about the wonderfully delicious Peeled Snacks! These little morsels of apple bliss were a fantastic addition to our Brooklyn Summer Showcase and we're still enjoying them in the office.  Peeled Snacks not only satisfy your taste buds but also your health needs - they're gluten and GMO free, organic, and oh so sweet!  These snacks are the perfect movie goers companions, just swap out your candy or popcorn for their pop-able apple clusters.  Thanks for keeping team Susty so happy and healthy Peeled Snacks <3!   »

Napkins + Cutlery »

When it comes down to it, having the coolest napkins and cutlery at your party will make a huge difference. We are of the mind that it's all about the details. These wooden forks, spoons, and knives will dress up any party from the usual white plastic types. And with all these cocktail napkins to choose from, your guests will consider each drink a party in itself. Go ahead and get all the patterns! We know it's hard to decide. Shop napkins HERE. Shop cutlery HERE. »

Susty <3 Greyston! »

We were so luck to have the sweet treats from Greyston Bakery at the Brooklyn Summer Showcase!  As the epitome of a socially good company, fellow B Corp Greyston Bakery, has an open hiring process that welcomes employees regardless of education, work history, or social past - Greyston is baking brownies and bettering people's lives, how sweet is that! This amazing company also fosters workers and their family's self sufficiency by providing low income housing, childcare, tenant services, and community gardens. A huge thank you to Greyston Bakery for graciously donating mouthwatering toasted coconut brownie bites to our Brooklyn Summer Showcase.  We... »

Susty <3 SooFoo »

At the Brooklyn Summer Showcase we experienced that SooFoo does in fact make "super good food," both tasty and nutritious!  SooFoo is We love that all SooFoo products are domestically grown and packaged #MadeintheUSA.  SooFoo is a quick and easy vegan meal of multi-grains and lentils that can be cooked in a rice cooker - we're excited to have our special red SooFoo cooker in the office.  Many snaps for SooFoo's superb lemon & kale salad creation made with the original blend, boy was it was super good! *Did we mention the Susty Party + SooFoo <3 is real - this SooFoo Rep and... »

Runa-ing into the Weekend »

We've been powering through the week sippin' on Runa and we're ready to Run(a) into the weekend!  Our dear pals at Runa are pretty much killing the game spreading natural guayusa energy drinks that are delicious both hot and cold...and even in celebratory cocktails.  We enjoyed our Runa Lime with an extra kick to say farewell :( to the Susty Summer Marketing Interns and cheers :) to an office birthday gal!  Susty partying with Runa has been a long standing tradition since our first Whole Foods Market launch party, here our confetti blue cups and star napkins are looking jazzy with a bucket'o'Runa at the INspire Impact Showcase. »

End of the Summer Bash! »

The end of summer for most is marked by back to school shopping trips, shorter days, and cooler nights. Fall might be daunting for some, so why not celebrate with an end of the summer bash!  This can be a party to celebrate all that summer brings us: warm weather, in-season fruits, and refreshing drinks.  1. Outdoor inspiration for a beach bash. | 2. Make use of the last of your summer berries in a drink.  | 3. Our blue collection is the perfect addition to any summer party.  | 4. Summer parties call for pretty flowers and gingham tablecloths. »

Candy Colors »

I don't know about you, but when it comes to parties, these straws are the finishing touch. I like all the colors! Put them out in a clear jar so people can pick what color they want.  They add the perfect amount of fun and color to any get together no matter how big or small. Order some of every shade and dress up your casual brunch party or dinner or shower or bachelorette party with some serious striped class. Shop our rainbow of straws HERE. Serve some sipp-able sweets! They look like candy, ya know? »

Pink Party Prep »

I don't know about you, but pink is one of my favorite colors. I just think it's so pretty! I think it's one of the main reasons I love Valentine's Day. (That and the fact that I love love.) I'm a sucker for pink and geometric patterns, so this cup/napkin combo. So if you're looking to throw a lady party, or a dude party, or a brunch party, then we've got you covered in the pink and geometric way.  Shop for your pink party HERE. »

Event // Susty Party Brooklyn Summer Showcase »

As Susty Party's favorite sunshine filled summer season came to a close we celebrated in #sustystyle with a number of new and old friends at the Brooklyn Summer Showcase held at the beautiful Whole Foods Market Brooklyn - our #brooklynborn soulmates :) We enjoyed the company of likeminded businesses while indulging in delicious food and drinks, getting crafty and of course striking a pose at our Susty-fied photo booth! Thank you to all our amazing sponsors for making this a smashing event!  Susty <3 our desserts from Greyston Bakery, Steves Ice Cream, Raaka Chocolate & Wink Desserts, our drinks & snacks from Mamma Chia & Peeled Snacks, our sauces & super good food from Sir... »

Coconut Fudge Pronuts »

Made with chia seeds, creamy coconut milk, speckled banana, antioxidant dense cacao, and chocolate protein powder, these baked vegan, grain free, and refined sugar free donuts are protein packed and insanely fudgy (happy Friday!). Served with a piping cup of joe or a heaping scoop of banana ‘ice cream’, these are always a win-win-win. Don't forget your Susty star napkins to cleanup the crumbs in style! Ingredients: 6 tablespoons light coconut milk 5 tablespoons chia seeds ½ tablespoon apple cider vinegar ½ cup chocolate protein powder // I use Vega One all-in-one, chocolate ¼ cup raw cacao powder 2 teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon... »