Susty Straws in Purely Elizabeth Magazine »

Vanilla rose sparklers for garden party cocktails! Our striped Susty straws are featured in the Purely Spring Magazine by Purely Elizabeth. Click here to view the issue. P.S. Be sure to try Purely Elizabeth's amazing granola! It's definitely a favorite snack at Susty HQ. »

Snow What »

Photograph via Taza I love this photo of snowy New York! Kids sledding to the park despite everything! I also respect a solid day snowed in making cookies, or quick vegan ice cream, maybe some garlands, and drinking hot chocolate. Hope your day is magic! »

Get yo January print on! »

These four calendars are what's up! They make the new year seem a bit less, daunting, right? Let' print one of each out and hang them in every room of the house! We'll be so punctual! We'll be so on top of it!   one // via Shhh my Darling two // via Elske three // via Coco and Mingo four // via This Girl Loves »

Susty Snow Day »

We can't think of a better way to start the first weekend of 2014 than with a SNOW DAY! Here are a few of our favorite snow day essentials. Fend off the chills with hot chocolate and a Susty straw. Maybe even make a batch of our hot chocolate truffles! Before venturing out in the cold, bundle up in a fuzzy pair of mittens. We are loving these homemade wool ombre ones from Etsy! If you get bored, check out our endless DIY ideas. Maybe update your iPhone case for 2014? If you're up for having friends over this weekend,... »

#sustystyle resolutions for YOU to try »

Kick off 2014 with a more sustainable lifestyle. It's good for you & good for the Earth! These are things we here at Susty Party are already pros at, & we encourage you to live the #sustylife a try! #sustystyle »

Whole Living »

“WELL PLATED. Made of tapioca, potato starch, and grass fibers, these compostable plates are safe for the oven, microwave and freezer.”

Snack It Up »

Check out these four gluten-free and tasty recipes for the new year! I think that popcorn would be the perfect thing for your classy party. Click below to check out these four recipes from The Healthy Apple: Cashew Butter Pecan Popcorn Gluten Free Almond Cookies Creamy Gluten-Free and Dairy Free White Bean Pasta Gluten-Free Quinoa Breakfast Sundae »