HGTV Magazine Loves Susty »

One of our favorite publications, HGTV Magazine, has featured two Susty Party cups in their July/August issue on a feature for the best outdoor entertaining tableware. Can you spot our Red Cup and Blue Cup in this stack of goodness? »

Tacos + Fudgesicles »

  My apartment is not air conditioned, so I've been on the taco diet. It's tricky cooking in this heat, but a tasty dinner can come together quickly with just a few simple things! I've been toasting corn tortillas in a hot cast iron with a little bit of olive oil. I've been filling them with garlicky refried black beans (recipe here), avocado slices, and goat cheese. Corn on the cob is everywhere these days! It can be the side or cut off the cob and tucked into your taco. I like to eat veggie flax seed chips and salsa... »

Emily & Jess named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 »

Susty Party founders Emily & Jess are named in Forbes' 30 Under 30 in the Food & Wine category. "Our selected group of twenty-somethings -- from restauranteurs and sommeliers to entrepreneurs and small-batch food artisans -- is creating a food and drink scene that's bursting at the seams with flavor and verve." Other 2014 30 Under 30 peeps include some of our favorite folks: Vincent Kitirattragarn (founder - Dang Foods), Luke Holden (founder - Luke's Lobster), Matt Mullenweg (founder - Wordpress), David Karp (founder - Tumblr), Nev Schulman (filmaker-producer), Lena Dunham (actress-writer-producer), Audrey Gelman (vice president - SKDKnickerbocker), Mallory Blair (cofounder - Small... »

Susty Party on The View! »

Whoopi Goldberg knows what's up! She introduced Susty Party to The View as her favorite Picnic Stuff and even gave a shout-out to our Brooklyn roots! "This is the stuff you wanna have at your picnic 'cuz you wanna be FLY!" - Whoopi Goldberg. And all is right in the world. Whoopi Goldberg intros Susty Party on The View! 2014-05-23 from Susty Party on Vimeo.   »

Behind the Scenes of Shark Tank! »

To our diehard Susty Party fans, Shark enthusiasts, and curious entrepreneurs, here’s how we landed ourselves in the Tank, and survived!   A year before I was staring down an extremely well lit hallway at the unflinching faces of Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, I had never even heard of them. I first learned about Shark Tank almost exactly one year prior, sitting in a meeting that would change our lives forever. It was our first meeting with UNFI, the world’s largest natural products distributor. Our UNFI manager, Nora Cline, told us we could... »

GQ's Guide to a Kick-Ass Party »

“MINIMIZE YOUR MESS. You don’t want the guilt of pitching a pile of plastic, and you definitely don’t want to spend all night doing dishes. So use Susty Party’s platess and cups, which are almost comically responsible. They’re compostable, nontoxic, and constructed from renewable materials. For God’s sake, they’re even made in the U.S.A by blind workers as part of a program to empower the visually impaired!”

Spring Weddings in Pink and Green »

Pastel pink and green - watermelon colors - make up our favorite spring color palette this season! We love these pink and green spring wedding photos. 1. Pastel ribbon and light canopy | 2. Floral garland balloon | 3. Mint & peony wedding cake | 4. Striped wedding invitations | 5. Tree hung paper peony piñatas | 6. The Frenchy Cocktail »

Spring Birthday »

We love a spring birthday! Here's our favorite easy, colorful spring birthday ideas. 1. Whimsical party cake by the Alison Show | 2. Rainbow selection of Susty Party straws | 3. Super cute & easy kraft wrapping paper DIY | 4. Birthday number cupcakes, no decorating skills needed! | 5. Susty Party Spring Party Pack   Happy Susty spring! »

Spring Bridal Shower »

Love is in the air, and spring brides are ready for their showers! Here are our favorite spring bridal shower party ideas.   1. Lillet Rose Sparkling Cocktail |  2. Bright flowers for a colorful table setting | 3. Citrus ice cream soda stand with Susty straws and DIY paper chain garland | 4. Champagne! | 5. Red Susty Party cup and straw with straw tag and Yellow Susty Party cup and straw with straw tag (reuse and cut the Susty Party packaging to make the straw tags!) »

Mother's Day Celebrations »

Mother's day is Sunday, May 11, 2014! Mark your calendars to celebrate with Mom this weekend. Here are our favorite Mother's Day celebration ideas. 1. Blooming "MOM" monogram DIY | 2. Fresh spritzers with Susty straws [photo cred] | 3. Fun patterned cloths & scarves makes beautiful, REUSABLE wrapping paper for Mom's gift | 4. Wild floral bundle table arrangements We love our mothers. Thanks Mom! »