Susty <3 Raaka Chocolate »

Raaka rocked the Brooklyn Summer Showcase with mountains of their radically unroasted chocolate!  We got to try their bourbon cask aged chocolate, which is made in the Berkshires with the "the finest bourbon" - quite a classy bar of beans if you ask us.  We love that Raaka hand makes every bar of deliciousness in Brooklyn, and all of their products are certified organic, fair trade, and vegan!  Started by two young entrepreneus, these boys know how to take the guilt out of chocolate cravings by also supporting local economies around the world where their chocolate beans are grown; you can check... »

Gold Dipped Party »

Dripping in gold. That's how I love to walk into the room. (Reference to Flight Facility song lyrics.) A gold party is the best party. 1. Gold dipped feathers. | 2. Gold photobooth backdrop by Confetti System. | 3. Animal cake toppers. | 4. Glitter doughnuts. Naturally. 5. Gold bell garland. | 6. Mini ice cream cones. | 7. Sequin tablecloth. | 8. Mini gold sparklers on pink cake. »

Susty Straw Storage »

Where do you store your Susty Straws between parties. I'm partial to leaving them out. Either in a tall measuring cup vase situation. Or maybe in a tiki cup.   Or in a big ole jar with a jaunty lid. Or maybe even in a Susty cup! What's your favorite way to display these striped beauties? Shop straws here! »

Susty Confetti Roundup »

In honor of my best friend's wedding this weekend, I rounded up our favorite Susty confetti options. Hint: they're biodegradable, made from plants, and can create more gorgeous blooms - a beautiful metaphor for a day of growing your love! Happy weddings to all you lovebirds out there, and may your confetti moments abound!     1. The freshest confetti possible. | 2. Lavender buds in cones made from the recycled pages of your favorite books. | 3. Wildflower seeded confetti. | 4. Susty Party plates + circle craft punch = colorful jumbo confetti for your tablescape that's sturdy, easy to clean, and plant-based. »

Susty Summer »

This summer has been full of #SustyStyle! Like when I threw a lady party with Strawberry Moscow Mules, I totally served them up in party cups with striped straws.   And when my parents visited and we had a quick Funfetti Salad dinner on compostable plates with gingham napkins.   Shop pink and red here. »

Banana-Avocado ‘Ice Cream’ »

There is something so fundamentally magical (and naughty!) about a bowl of ‘ice cream’ for breakfast. Made with nutrient packed, creamy, creamy avocado, speckled banana, indulgent cinnamon, and whole leaf wheatgrass powder, mornings have never been so sweet.  Don't forget your Susty wooden spoon and speckled blue napkin for when you dive into this bowl of green goodness :) Ingredients [1 smoothie bowl]1 medium banana, peeled and frozen ¼ ripe avocado, peel removed ½ cup fresh spinach or kale ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground wheatgrass powder (optional) 5 ice cubes ½ - 1 cup filtered water (depending on desired consistency)... »

Labor Day Spread »

Labor Day gives us one last opportunity to celebrate the goods that an all American summer has to offer: fresh fruits, picnics, and cheese. Well, you may not like cheese as much as we do - but there's nothing like dining outdoors with a nice baguette, a fancy cheese and fruit spread, and some cute red gingham print tableware. Go ahead - indulge. 1. Baguette with avocado, gorgonzola and figs! | 2. Blue cheese, brie, and grapes. | 3. Blueberry raspberry spritzer. | 4. Red Susty Party Pack - only available at Whole Foods Market. »

Susty <3 Sir Kensington »

Chips, fries and cheeseburgers beware: prepare to be smothered in sauce and indulged!  We loved having Sir Kensington’s at the Brooklyn Summer Showcase to serve up their all natural ketchup, mustard, and chipotle mayo alongside veggie sticks & pretzel crackers.  Forget everything you know about your average ketchup - Sir Kensington’s has 50% less sugar and 30% less sodium than the traditional red stuff.  Shout out to their chipotle mayo, which is not only so delicious it can be eaten straight out of the jar, but also has 33% less saturated fat than average mayo, and is made with cage free eggs... »

Susty <3 Peeled Snacks! »

We've got to tell you about the wonderfully delicious Peeled Snacks! These little morsels of apple bliss were a fantastic addition to our Brooklyn Summer Showcase and we're still enjoying them in the office.  Peeled Snacks not only satisfy your taste buds but also your health needs - they're gluten and GMO free, organic, and oh so sweet!  These snacks are the perfect movie goers companions, just swap out your candy or popcorn for their pop-able apple clusters.  Thanks for keeping team Susty so happy and healthy Peeled Snacks <3!   »

Napkins + Cutlery »

When it comes down to it, having the coolest napkins and cutlery at your party will make a huge difference. We are of the mind that it's all about the details. These wooden forks, spoons, and knives will dress up any party from the usual white plastic types. And with all these cocktail napkins to choose from, your guests will consider each drink a party in itself. Go ahead and get all the patterns! We know it's hard to decide. Shop napkins HERE. Shop cutlery HERE. »