Sustainable Fast Food Industry?

 Did you know that this year, McDonald's became the first fast-food restaurant to make it to the EPA's Top 50 Green Power Purchasers list? With the ever so declining affection for fast food these days, McDonald's and restaurants of the fast food industry have been making extraordinary efforts to improve their image by incorporating environmentally responsible strategies into their business models. Of course, fast food restaurants can never really be 100 percent sustainable; however, believe it or not, there are many ways for them to reduce their footprint! Some interesting ideas that leaders of the fast food industry have started utilizing are:

1. Powering restaurants with green energy

A good portion of McDonald's electricity use comes from wind power. In 2009, Chipotle announced that they would install solar panels at around 75 of its restaurants in order to make Chipotle the largest direct producer of solar energy in the food business. 

2. Recycling used oil

Oil is inevitably one of the biggest problems and concerns in this country and the world. But did you know that recycling cooking oil from fast food restaurants to power diesel vehicles reduce US spending on foreign oil by billions of dollars? Shake Shack recycles all of their cooking oil into biofuel! 

3. Reduce impacts of packaging

The amount of packaging used and wasted in fast food restaurants has devastating impacts on timber, paper, and other paper packaging industries. However, recently, Starbucks and McDonald's have been leaders in promoting sustainable packaging policies. And with the pressure from the Dogwood Alliance, KFC started to issue a new sustainable packaging policy. 

We, Susty Party, work hard to make this earth a better place by reducing impacts of packaging and feel very hopeful when companies like these can share similar business models! 

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